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An Omni-Present Advertising Network

Uber OOH is the official Uber advertising network.

In partnership with Adomni, the Uber digital out-of-home network features two-sided, internet-connected screens on the tops of participating Uber drivers’ vehicles.

The network is available in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix with 200-400 cars per city equipped with digital screens. Boston and Chicago are planned to launch in Q1-Q2 2021.

Uber OOH mobilizes your brand in an unmissable way. Hundreds of cars within a city, traveling thousands of miles monthly, delivering millions of impressions.

Advertising Campaign Highlights

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Geo-Target Ad Content

Geo-target advertising content based on the audience composition of a specific geographical location

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Ad Content Day-Parting

Select optimal content to play at specific times of the day

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Proof of Performance Reports

See the number of ad plays and impressions delivered as well as eCPM and maps showing where the ad plays were served

Multi-Touch Advertising

Utilize Adomni’s innovative buying platform to trigger ads to concurrently play on cartops as well as nearby programmatically connected, digital, out-of-home screens such as billboards.

billboboard + car ad

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